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PARENT ACTION REQUIRED – French Program Survey

PARENT ACTION REQUIRED – French Program Survey

Two French programs are offered at Holy Cross School for our students in September 2020.

Please read the following information carefully to help you select the program that will best suit your child’s educational needs. Please note that your program choice for your child will be a full school year commitment.

Click here to complete the survey. While we hope to receive responses for all students, please note that students will remain in their current program if no response is received. Please contact the school if you are having difficulty opening the file and we can send you a paper copy.

Core French:
• 30 minutes of French taught daily in French Language Arts
• Develop basic communication skills in French and understanding of the language
• Develop an appreciation of French culture in Canada and in other parts of the world
• To develop a basic usable command of the French language that can be expanded through further study or contact with French-speaking people
• Emphasizes the development of oral communication skills with gradual introduction to reading and writing
• Oral presentations, playing roles in dramatizations, dialogues, and cooperative games are examples of
effective oral communication activities

French Immersion:
• 150 minutes of French taught daily
• French serves as the language of instruction in Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Music,
Drama, Dance, Visual Arts as well as French Language Arts
• Develop fundamental skills in oral communication (listening and speaking), reading, and writing
• Provides students with a solid foundation in spelling and grammar
• Provides students with an understanding of the cultures of French-speaking societies by integrating cultural study into daily language instruction
• French must be the language of instruction for a minimum of 50 per cent of the total instructional time
at every grade level of the program



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