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June E-Bits from the Health Unit

Archive for May, 2019

June E-Bits from the Health Unit

Get ready for summer with these helpful parenting tips: 1. Be careful of becoming the “entertainment director”. Make a bucket list of activities with your kids or teens.  Aim for … Read more

Jump Rope for Heart Update

Our Jump Rope for Heart fundraiser was a huge success!  Thank you to all of the families at Holy Cross who participated and raised funds.  We successfully earned our extra … Read more

Self/Peer Exploitation – A Message from Constable Collins

As a parent it is oftentimes hard to hear the news from the schools that your child has been involved in a self/peer exploitation (sexting) incident. Things you need to know: … Read more

May E-Bits from the Health Unit

Lyme Disease is Preventable. Ticks that may carry the bacteria that cause Lyme disease are now found throughout our region. As temperatures rise above 4°C ticks become active and begin … Read more